Logically and realistically speaking, if an individual exhibited all the symptoms of influenza, and her doctor diagnosed and treated her for an unrelated illness which could quite conceivably be a severe detriment to her health, what would happen to the doctor’s right to practice medicine if he or she were sued in a court of law? If your vehicle only required new brakes and your neighborhood mechanic completely re-built your engine instead, what would happen to the mechanic’s reputation and or automotive business? If an individual exhibited ALL Verifiable signs of „Psychopathy“ yet was actually given the front door keys to the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, also given access to top secret classified intelligence, and yes, perhaps even entrusted with the „Nuclear War-Head Sequence CODE“ which could be used to god forbid unilaterally launch earth shattering first strike radioactive destruction, what would you think, how would you react and how much fear would this unlikely fantastical „Hollywood Scenario“ instill in you as a global citizen?

Well ladies and gentlemen, the preceding scenario depicting a Psychopathic Pseudo-President who lied, cheated and used Anti-American, un-patriotic and 메리트카지노 treasonous means to infiltrate the highest office on the planet is NOT a „Hollywood Script“ destined for 우리계열카지노 the cinema, believe it or not, according to clinical definitions, this is REAL Life and the nightmare is happening right here, right now with severe, irreversible dire consequences ~

The following is a „FACT Based“ excerpt and list of the „Symptoms of Psychopathy“ which was derived from the following web-site ~ ~

The signs and symptoms of psychopathy are identified most commonly in scientific studies by „Hare’s 20-item Psychopathy Checklist-Revised.“ This checklist identifies the following as the symptoms and signs of psychopathy:

1.Superficial charm and glibness

2.Inflated sense of self-worth

3.Constant need for stimulation

4.Lying pathologically

5.Conning others; being manipulative

6.Lack of remorse or guilt

7.Shallow emotions

8.Callousness; lack of empathy

9.Using others (a parasitic lifestyle)

10.Poor control over behavior

11.Promiscuous sexual behavior

12.Behavioral problems early in life

13.Lack of realistic, long-term goals

14.Being impulsive

15.Being irresponsible

16.Blaming others and 메리트카지노쿠폰 refusing to accept responsibility

17.Having several marital relationships

18.Delinquency when young

19.Revocation of conditional release

20.Criminal acts in several realms (criminal versatility)


Now, compare this disturbingly enlightening list of symptoms to Donald Trump’s public behavioral patterns which can easily be researched and investigated using the free resources of popular online sites such as „You-Tube“ etc ~ Compare the list to his documented episodes of rage, hate, racism, paranoia and what appear to be uncontrollable tantrums and fits of anger, his delusional excerpts and false claims which can only be attributed to hallucination, his irrational, childish, juvenile and deranged maniacal tweets which could very likely „TRIGGER“ a nuclear exchange with other Nuclear ARMED countries, and of course his obvious breathing & slurred speech problems and or detrimental physical impairments and shortcomings ~ Simply from examining the abundance of public evidence, 샌즈카지노이벤트 we as guardians of our only known habitable planet earth, can verify that Mr. Trump suffers from at least 17 of the 20 listed symptoms of psychopathy and if given the opportunity to research historical data, we could perhaps confirm he also suffers from „Revocation of Conditional Release“, „Delinquency When Young“ and „Behavioral Problems in Early Life“ which would certify him at 100% ~ ALARMING ~ Is „Time of the Essence“ for his swift removal? ~

Now, conduct an HONEST non-professional assessment, evaluation and render a final conclusion / opinion, unless of course you are a professional psychiatrist or psychologist, in which case your training and expertise would inevitably lead you to the only logical and responsible diagnosis with appropriate treatment to combat the debilitating psychological disease ~

After you’ve completed your exercise, once again, regardless of your political affiliations and or loyalties, ask yourself this most important question ~ „Is this the most FRIGHTENING & Disturbing discovery you’ve ever experienced?“ If it doesn’t frighten you into immediate action, it certainly should considering nothing less than global sovereignty, safety and mass annihilation and extinction of the human species and perhaps this home we all affectionately call planet earth is at stake ~ If an individual is allowed to wander the halls of the white house with impunity, 우리카지노쿠폰 un-checked and un-treated for his obvious mental illness, what has the United States of AMERICA morphed into? ~ Is an „Alien Strain“ at work? ~ Always remember the potential Mass Global EXTINCTION previously mentioned includes YOU, your family, children, grand-children, loved ones, friends & pets, and that’s a fact ~ If Mr. Trump finds it uncontrollably delectable to maniacally „Poke & PROD“ another mentally disturbed dictator into an unthinkable „Nuclear Exchange“ which could lead to unprecedented catastrophe that’s fine, but we as a responsible nation must assure that he performs his reckless actions from a safe place, such as the „Psychiatric Ward“ ~

Where’s the Republican led congress which should have begun the impeachment process long ago? Where’s Vice President Mike Pence who had and still has the legal obligation to remove Mr. Trump via the 25th Amendment at the first sign of his obvious impaired psychological condition? All who fail to protect the world from a Pseudo-President who constantly exhibits ALL verifiable symptoms and signs of psychopathy are guilty of complicity for their inaction and will ultimately pay the legal penalty ~ How does this „NIGHTMARE of Doom“ end? What will remain once Mr. Trump and all who are complicit with this extremely dangerous charade, are finally removed kicking and screaming from office and sentenced for their atrocious crimes against the state and humanity? WHY and how have republicans morphed into the party of EVIL, and WHY has „Southern Christianity“ lost its way by morphing into a derivative of a „Dark Force“ incapable or unwilling to distinguish Right from Wrong, Good from Bad, God from Demon Lucifer? <> WE PRAY for their Fractured LOST Souls & RESIST <>

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