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iPhone 12 Pro

Tweak some settings on your iPhone 12 to get the most out of Apple’s new phone.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Apple’s entire iPhone 12 lineup is a hit. From the iPhone 12 Mini

that punches above its weight, to the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro that offer few compromises, to the iPhone 12 Pro Max and its stellar camera and battery life, there’s something to love about each and every model. Whether you’re getting one as a gift this holiday season or you’re giving one to yourself, you’re sure to love it.

With the addition of a new MagSafe wireless charging and accessory platform, fancy camera tricks and 5G, there’s a lot to learn. The iPhone 12 lineup comes out of the box with iOS 14 installed, which has its own set of new features. Believe it or not, Apple’s default settings aren’t always the best to help you get the most out of your iPhone. We’ll take you through a few steps that will make your new iPhone 12 even better. 

For instance, if you live somewhere with zero or spotty 5G coverage, there’s no reason to keep 5G on. Do Not Disturb is disabled right out of the box, which means your iPhone will continue to beep at you throughout the night, causing light sleepers to wake up. Who wants that? Instead, a dip into settings can automatically silence your phone all night long, take advantage of dark mode to save battery life and put Control Center to work for you by changing your phone’s settings. 

Read on for all our tips, and note that we update this article as Apple adds new features and settings.